Guess Who!?

Friday, May 13, 2011

I receive a catalogue for this brand in the mail this week. I’ve read fashion blogs that have been talking about how cool this brand extention is, so I gave the book a look.

Do you like? Maybe a little J. Crew?

Maybe Gap or Banana?

NO! It’s LAND’s END! And it’s Affordable! Simple! Good quality! And has a nautical, summer feel to the line. I also hear that if you place an order online you get a hand-written thank you note. What's better than that?

This is from the Canvas line.

Look #1 - cute pants and ruffle top!

Look # 2 – this one took a lot to past because I have almost the same dress from Anthro

Look #3 (Yes, Dana. I’m eating my words. I may like Rompers).

Look #4 – this reaffirms my commitment to pairing chambray with prints!

Oh and I personally love the name Land's End - a little nod to my Cabo honeymoon!