Take It To The Max Silly

Friday, May 06, 2011

I was feeling a little uninspired this Fashion Friday for topics, so I was going to skip a post. Then I thought – reader Lindsay looks forward to these posts so much, that I should put something up there.
Then it hit me. Maxi dresses are so hot this year. Every time I see one, I just want to send the link to Lindsay because she is so tall and can wear a lot of trends that I can't.  When you are 5-foot-nothing, sometimes you look a little silly in a long dress. In my family, we had a great aunt, Jay, who used to wear long, patterned dresses, so when I like to call them “Aunt Jay Dresses.”

I digress.
So for my vertically unchallenged readers that are more than 5’8”, may I suggest some adorable maxi dresses for the summer. An added bonus? They are all under a Benjamin (aka $100)!

I love this one from Old Navy – affordable, has crochet – which is hot this year
Anthro dress – I got a SUPER good deal on a long dress here last year that I’m going to TRY and attempt to wear to a wedding.

Free People maxi with a cut ruffling on the bottom!

Um, does it get much better than this $20 basic-black maxi from Target!?

OH YES IT DOES! This dress from H&M is under TEN DOLLARS. It’s $9.95!! RUN THERE NOW!!! There is also a cute red/pink version!! You can totally dress this up and down.

Last, but not least, an adorable striped number from J. Crew. Love the nautical feel of this!
Leanne said...

I was in Marshall's on Tuesday and tried on 3 maxi dresses. I am also 5-foot-nothing and didn't have any luck. Just like I didn't have any luck LAST season with the Maxi. I will just covet from afar...

Shot of Brandi* said...

Leanne! Thanks for your comment! Another shortie that feels my pain! I have a long dress that I'm going to TRY for a wedding later this month. I'll update on the result! Thanks for reading!