Torrontes! Torrontes!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh my gosh readers. I totally realized that I forgot to recap my learnings from wine class! Don’t worry, I’ll get on that soon. I learned a lot in that class and found my new favorite white wine – Torrontes!

What is Torrontes? According to my wine teacher, it’s a white wine grape from Argentina. That’s all I really wrote down in my notes and memory because I was too busy enjoying this delicious glass.

So to tell you how great this wine is, I had to do a little research. I pleasantly found a February 2011 story written for the New York Times by Eric Asimov (long time wine writer). He stated that “Torrontes has been touted as the hottest thing to arrive from Argentina since the tango.” He goes on to say that it will be as popular in the U.S. as pinot grigio! Yes, Eric – our heads are thinking alike on this one!

As the story points out, Torrontes is very aromatic – it smells like flowers and fruit. You aren’t sure if you should pour some on your wrists or drink it!

Something that I don’t like about this wine is that is confusing. There are a few different grape varieties, so it can make it a bit difficult to figure out which one to try. And my honest opinion to find your favorite? Try them all! You aren’t going to find your new go to wine without a little experiment!

I can't tell you the brand of Torrontes that I've been enjoying because I can't keep bottles of it around long enough! You will finish the whole thing (with friends) because it is that good!