Corky Decor

Saturday, May 12, 2012

It’s no lie. I drink a lot of wine.

Over the last few years, I thought about saving my corks and writing the drinking occasion on them. Well, the writing part failed, but I was able to save several corks.

Then I got the idea that I’d make a wreath out of the corks. I had several corks saved (40ish), but I knew that wasn’t enough to make a full, large wreath.

Then I was at Target and spotted wine corks in the plant section. So I grabbed a box and began making my wreath. During the process I found that one box of corks just wasn't enough, I needed another (and another glass of vino!).

I purchased a straw wreath from a craft store. These wreaths are tricky because they tend to shed a bit when you remove the plastic, but because I was going to hot glue the corks, I needed to take off the plastic or it would melt. So I carefully removed the plastic and quickly wrapped and hot glued some ribbon.

(This was about 100 corks!)

Next up, gluing the corks. I alternated the plan corks on the base of the wreath and saved my used corks for the top.

(Now up to 290 corks!)

Ta da! The wreath isn’t totally done – still needs some fun used corks, but it’s getting close. The wreath is rather thick and won’t fit on my door hook, so I saw an idea online to add ribbon like I did here. I’m not loving the bow, so I may make another.

The craft cost breakdown

Wreath: $6.00
Corks: $20 (not counting the wine consumed : )
Ribbon: $4
Glue sticks: I had on hand

Oh and yes, I totally know that you can buy wine corks online too. Just do a little Google search. The corks from Target were nice because there was a bit of variety in shape and size!