Wine NOT?

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Before you start reading this, I’m asking that you don’t get all heated with me today on this topic – Boxed Wine.

For the record, I don’t discriminate when it comes to boxed wine. I enjoy it. Just not the Sangria version. It made me break out into hives. I feel like there is a time and place, like picnics or tailgates, to serve boxed wine. BUT there is a time and a place NOT to unleash the box and that includes weddings or special events.

Look, no matter how many upscale brands switch to the box, many of your guests will just think its passé to see the bartender pour vino out of a Franzia box at a wedding. For some guests, it may be the one thing that they remember. Not all of your hard work on place cards and centerpieces. It will be that the caterer served boxed wine and immediately cheap thoughts go into their minds. I know weddings are expensive and guests won’t likely be able to tell the difference, it’s just that stigma of boxed wine being “cheap.”

Boxed wine may not always be your cheapest option either. Talk to your local wine store – it may be most cost-effective to purchase cases of vino!

I asked my friend Trish her thoughts on this issue and she said that she thinks that boxed wine is “smart financially” and “can be done tastefully.” I couldn’t agree more!

So here’s my suggestions for doing boxed wine tastefully!
  • Pre-pour the wine glasses in the kitchen – this can save time for your bartender too!

o   Use the boxed wine as a passed drink during cocktail hour
  •  During the reception, make sure the box is hidden
  •  Pour wine into glass carafes
  •  Use the boxed wine to make a sangria and then serve from glass pitchers or the self-pour jugs
  • I also saw this wedding featured on Snippet & Ink (which inspired this post). It looks like the bride and groom spray painted the wine bottles silver to hide the brand. You could do this and just keep refilling the bottles in the back (it’s a lot of work. I may have experience doing this in college with a non-alcoholic beverage)

Or there’s another option – don’t give a crap what other people think! Tell them to shut up and drink! And for the record, if I’m at your shindig, I’m gonna drink whatever’s being offered (and may tap the bag) and I won’t judge!
kgray said...
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kgray said...

I love it! I am a huge boxed wine fan...they have improved tremendously over the years! We do "disguise" ours a bit with this great dispenser: ..
and people have no idea!