Boxing Day

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

They always say that imitation is the form of flattery and that cannot be more true when it comes to the new “monthly box” trend.

Now that Birchbox has officially taken off, there are a number of copycats offering a variety of products that you can have delivered to your door on a monthly basis. So if beauty isn’t your thing, maybe one of these other monthly subscriptions is!

·       Whimsey Box – the company slogan says “Stop pinning, start making.” Whimesy provides you with different DIY projects and supplies. Cost: $25 per month
·       Brit Kits – blogger Brit offers monthly “Brit Kits” that include the tools to make popular DIY projects featured on her popular lifestyle blog. Cost: $19.99 per month  
·       For the Makers – another monthly DIY craft. Cost: $29 per month
·       Kiwi Crate – this craft box is for the kids! Monthly projects for kids ages 3-7. Cost: $19.95 per month  

·       Nature Box – a food-related subscription, Nature Box delivers 4-5 healthy snacks to your door. Cost: $19.95 per month
·       Love with Food monthly food deliveries. This company also donates proceeds to charity. Cost: $10 per month
·       Julibox – cocktails delivered to your door monthly? Um, yes! Juliebox provides the alcohol and mixers. Cost: This site isn’t user-friendly and I can’t figure out how much it costs.

·       Umbra Box – two to three handmade items per month. Items typically include accessories, stationery and bath products. Cost: $25 per month
·       Citrus Lane – baby goods targeted towards the age of the child receiving the box. A good baby shower gift! Cost: $25 per month

·       Glossy Box – another beauty box, Glossy focuses on international brands. Cost: $21 per month
·       BlissMo – this subscription is more beauty and food,

And last, but certainly not least, you can purchase a Bark Box for your dog with monthly treats. While this is a bit extreme, it could be an adorable gift for a new dog owner!

After doing this, I noticed that most of these have a higher price point than Birchbox. I wonder how successful they will be!?