Sundays with Sue: Winey Women Club Meeting Recap

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Okay, Sue didn't write this post. I (Brandi) did.

Last night was the first meeting of the Winey Women Wine Club. Shot of Dad and some men started a bourbon club a few months ago, so the women decided to start drinking wine while the guys met!

My cheese spread

When you form any club, there are a few guidelines. Here’s what Sue and some women from the group set forward for the Winey Women.

·         For the first meeting, everyone bought a bottle of wine from a place that you’ve either been or want to travel too. We had wines from Lake Erie, Outer Banks, Penn State, Italy, Napa and Greece. We each took turns reading the label of our bottle – where it is from, the alcohol content, the variety, etc.
·         Shot of Mom bought everyone a notebook to write down the wine and what we thought of it. I found some new reds that I liked and some that I didn’t (I called those ‘sticky’ because it felt like they were sticking in my mouth)
·         We had water to wash out our glasses in between tastings and buckets to dump the wine that you couldn’t or didn’t want to finish
·         A tip Sue got from another wine club is the club book.  At the end of the night, the women signed their thoughts of the night in a book. The next host gets the book to do the same thing
·         Speaking of the next host, a different person hosts wine club each month. Next month, we may hold the tastings at a bar…it’s still TBD, but basically we pick a new place to go each month to split up the hosting responsibilities
·         The host provides the appetizers as well. Sue had some usual favorites like Swedish meatballs, veggie pizza, shrimp with pink sauce (think Bennihana)

This was just the first of many meetings to come, so I’ll be sure to share tips for hosting a wine party and some new bottles that I like!