Have Mercy! Full House turns 25!

Monday, October 01, 2012


Lately I’ve been finding a way to incorporate “I’m old” into my daily conversations. Today’s, “I’m old” moment came when I realized that Full House is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

What did you say? You want to plan a Full House-themed party and you want my help?

You got it dude.

·         Invitations
o   Remember the iconic San Fran row house shot in the opening? Why not take an image of that house and make a simple Zazzle invite?
o   Play with a little photo editing and place your head into a Tanner Family photo.

·         Attire
o   This is my favorite part of the party – the clothes! Stephanie Tanner was my style icon of the 90’s (see below). Channel her style with neon, side ponytails, 90’s bangs, t-shirts with animals, leggings, scrunchie, bow headbands (I seriously have almost the same one on below) and

·         Décor
o   Like any Tanner Party, this shin dig should be held in your living room – after you’ve pushed the furniture back to allow more room for dancing (see above)
o   Balloons are also a MUST
o   Pictures of the girls were famously featured on the mantle. Frame some print outs of DJ, Stephanie and Michelle and place them into frames. It may also be fun to print out additional pictures of the cast to reminisce and talk about where they all are now

·         Food
o   To pay homage to Uncle Jessie’s heritage, you can serve a Greek salad
o   Remember when Michelle Tanner joined the Honeybees (think Brownie Troop)? Bake honeybee-themed cookies.
o   To this day, when I order a dish at a restaurant with a lot of seafood, I call it a “Walk the Plank” meal. It’s a reference to the Full House episode when Danny Tanner institutes Tanner Family Fun Night and takes the girls to some cheesy pirate-themed restaurant. Use this dish as inspiration to serve an array of seafood (think shrimp and ceviche
o   Remember those cheesy Danny Tanner lectures set to emotional music? What if you inserted famous Danny Tanner quotes into fortune cookies?!

·         Music
o   What else would you play but Uncle Jessie and the Rippers on repeat?
o   Speaking of Uncle Jessie, he was beyond obsessed with the Beach Boys. Add some Good Vibrations to your party.
o   This fete wouldn’t be complete without the Full House theme song!

·         Entertainment
o   This is where you can really bring your party up a notch. I’m thinking:
o   How about a flash mob to Mo’Town Philly a la Stephanie Tanner’s famous dance routine (note the crop top and baseball hat – both which are totally back in style)
o   Stand up from an Uncle Joey impersonator (wearing a Red Wings jersey) accompanied by Mr. Woodchuck
o   Aunt Becky announces that she is prego via a game of something like Pictionary.  Break out the dry erase board! 

Oh, one thing to note. My memory is really good, but not that good to remember all of these episodes. I consulted this website: Full House Reviewed.

I lied - another thing. I don't care about the former meth addiction. If ABC puts Stephanie Tanner on Dancing with the Stars - I'm watching again.