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Monday, June 30, 2008

If you have yet to expreience a Chicago summer, it sucks to be you.

This weekend was such a good Chicago summer weekend, I've decided to show you how awesome this city through my eyes!

Stevie Wonder - free concert at the Taste of Chicago
Me: I am glad I didn't make a sign. Stevie couldn't see it back here.
Sacks: (gives me a strange look)
Me: Oh, I guess he couldn't see it anyways

Chicago Gay Pride Parade - the biggest hit was either the Dykes on Bikes OR my rainbow cookies made from scratch.

While I keep getting shipped out of the city, here is some more fun from earlier this year and previous summers!

Rooftop party with Brian at the Taste of Randolph (it looks like I am wearing a Sears Tower hat)

Visit to the Bean with Amy in 2007

Saturday Cubs game with Brady in 2006

Even the dogs love summer!

The Oak Street Beach - to-go cups, wiffle ball and fireworks.

(photos by me)