Secret Stash

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer reminds me of going to concerts in Pittsburgh at Starlake.

Like a true Pittsburgh Girl, I spent most of my younger years consuming alcoholic beverages illegally before the concert. My slick friends and I would disguise our Keystone Ice in pop cans or those green tea bottles that are fully covered in a mint green color.

Kids like me are grown up and creating much cool items for people to disguise their illegal concoctions. This Thirsty Thursday, I will show you some of those options!

Z Gallerie ( has this handy stainless steel cell phone flask that comes with a funnel to “recharge.” As a flask user, I must say that a funnel key. And at a $14.95 price point, this is a steal.

Rather than spend $6 on a beer at a baseball game, smuggle in these double flask binoculars. A steal at $15 from Novelty Hut (, these babies hold 16oz. of alcohol.

This last option scares me a bit. Drinking Stuff ( offer people the option to hid alcohol in a hammer. This flask comes complete with a bottle opener as well. First of all, why would you take a hammer into a sporting event, concert or even a wedding!? Second of all, why would you want a bottle opener if you have to hide the alcohol!? Regardless, this option will help you get “hammered.”

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