You'll Go Down in History...Like George Washington

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If you've never been to Pittsburgh, I must say it is truly a unique city.

From the three rivers that surround the city, to the little trolleys that take you up a mountain that over looks the skyline, all the way to the distinct language the natives speak.

Brady and I have become very familiar with the Pittsburgh over the last month. Specifically the Airport. So familiar in fact, my lovely boyfriend pointed out something very interesting. When you arrive at the airport and embark on baggage claim, this is what you see....

Two statues of people we Pittsburghians find important: President George Washington and Franco Harris.
If you aren't from Pittsburgh or a fan of football, you may ask, "Who the heck is Franco Harris?" He was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers Football Team in the 70's. During a pivotal playoff game, Harris caught a pass known as the Immaculate Reception," which is remembered as one of the most dramatic catches in NFL history. This catch, eventually lead the Steelers to a win that landed the team in the Super Bowl (which they won, of course). Harris is legendary in Pittsburgh - my neighbor's dog is even named Franco.

Enough about Franco. The real moral of this story is that, us people from Pittsburgh value these two figures in American history on the SAME LEVEL.

At Amy's rehearsal dinner on Friday, I brought to the attention of my table-mates that there was an odd pairing of statues in the airport. I asked people to name who was there. Everyone knew Franco, but no one could name GW. Guesses ranged from Ben Franklin to "some Indian."

Next time you are in the airport, take a look at these statues. I will bet money that someone is taking a picture of them, just like I did today. But I will guarantee that someone is standing in front of Franco rather than the Founding Father of our Country. As a matter of fact, a mom was taking a picture of her teenage front of Franco tonight.

I'm so proud to be from Pittsburgh.

(pictures by brandi*)