It’s Wedding Season

Monday, June 02, 2008

This past weekend, Brady and I attended our third wedding of the month. We have one more to go and then our “Wedding Season” will be over until at least November.

From all of these events, I’ve made a list of some Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind when you are planning your own wedding or party.

Do: Remember the bathroom.
At one wedding there was this oversized basket in the ladies room with a load of emergency items. Pins, perfume, spray deodorant, band-aids, tampons, lotion, body spray, mouth wash – anything you would most likely have in your bathroom. While I didn’t dabble in the basket, it was nice to know it was there

Don’t: Open seating. I must admit, I hate place cards. They make me nervous whenever I am looking for mine – just incase mine was forgotten. But at a wedding, assigned seating is important. It’s like middle school lunch. If you don’t make it to the cook kids table, you can be left out of the fun

Do: Wear Proper Attire. After this weekend’s wedding, I thought – “When I get married, I is it tacky to put ‘Proper Attire Required’ on my wedding invitation?” I warned my parents that people don’t get as dressed up as they used to for weddings, but I DID NOT expect what I saw on Saturday. Never, EVER wear jeans to a wedding

Don’t: Play all cheesy wedding songs in a group. I get it. The elders love a good chicken dance. While some of those songs must be played to satisfy the older crowd, they songs should be divided

Do: Make a speech after church. After the ceremony on Saturday, the bride and groom emerged from the church after greeting guests and thanked everyone for coming, and mentioned that the cocktail hour started in a bit and that they were going to take some pictures and then be over. While it’s pretty obvious that this was going to happen, it was just the closure that the guests needed to know that it was time to head out

Don’t: Forget the cocktail in cocktail hour. For some reason the bar was closed on Saturday during cocktail hour (I got tipped off early to this so I brought a “to go” cup from the Bonkowski Wedding Tailgate party)

Do: Pitchers! When people go to the bar at a wedding, they typically get more than one drink. Last weekend, the bartenders handed out pitchers of beer and water, so that people didn’t have to carry multiple beers back to the table

Don’t: Spend too much money on favors. After two of the last three weddings, the number of favors left over was ridiculous. Consider making a donation to charity or providing guests with something edible

Do: Snacks. My dad brought up a good point. He said that weddings should have three food groups: cocktail hour, dinner (of course, Ted loves the buffets) and late night snack. My aunt ordered a lunchmeat tray for the after party, which were a total hit. I must say my smores went over awesomely at the bon fire as well

Don’t: Forget the classics. What did all three weddings have in common? Cake, maid of honor/best man speeches, “Shout,” open bar, an edible part to the favor, flip flops for the bridesmaids, bouquet toss, a reading from the Corinthians and most of all no crying brides over something that didn’t turn out right