Rainbowly Delicious

Thursday, June 05, 2008

I’ve heard about Skittles Vodka, but I thought it was an urban legend. Until now.For this Thirsty Thursday, I decided to google Skittles Vodka and low and behold there were a number of sits giving away a recipe for what I can only assume is delicious.

What You Will Need
Handle of vodka
Large bag of Skittles

Directions* Separate the colors of Skittles
* Select the color that you want to use to flavor the vodka (I’ve read that green and purple taste weird
* Pour out some vodka to make room for the candy (Don’t dump it! That’s a party foul! Drink it of course)
* Place 20-25 Skittles (per 350 ml) into the bottle
* Seal the vodka and let it sit for a day or two
* Strain our the Skittles
* Enjoy!

When I decide to concoct Skittles Vodka, I think that I am going to keep the colors together and buy more than one bottle of Vodka – just incase one has a bad taste.

What a grown up way to play with candy and drinks – reminds me of the good ole days of Zima and Jolly Ranchers.

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