Coco Wine-o

Thursday, February 09, 2012

True store.

Last weekend I’m walking through my local liquor store with 4 bottles of alcohol (three wine, one vodka). The sample lady sees me and says “What would you like to try?”

WHAT would I like to try? Not even a “WOULD you like to try something?” Clearly she knew that I was here for the party.

Well thankful for my liquor sample lady, I was able to test out something that I’ve been meaning to share with you all – CHOCOLATE WINE.

When I first heard about this concoction, I almost asked sample girl if she had an IV that could just inject me with this stuff. I mean, if this isn't going to send me to Betty Ford (and Reader Dana already hasn't), then I don't know what will. 

However, after trying it, it seriously tastes like Baileys, but with less alcohol content (12% in this wine vs. 14% in the Baileys). I wasn't that crazy about it. The hubs may be the better judge of this. Sample lady wasn’t any help to explain how this liquid is possibly made with grapes. So I consulted my BFF Google.

I found a blog called Ladies with Bottle. They explain that there are two types of Chocolate wine – Port-style wine infused with dark chocolate OR wine mixed with cream and chocolate (I think I had that option – again, Wine lady, NO HELP).  If you don’t trust the Ladies with Bottle, The Washington Times says similar things!

Much like a Baileys, I’m seeing that you can mix the chocolate wines with vodka to up the booze content.

Another true story. I had so many bottles of wine in my hands, that I forgot what brand I sipped. I THINK it was a PA made wine, but regardless, here are a few options.

·         Cullarni Vineyards and Wine (PA)

·         Cocoa di Vine

·         Choco Vine