Reader Mailbag: Shoe Shoe Ba Doop Doop

Friday, February 24, 2012

Reader Margaux Writes:

I have noticed that people all over this winter are rocking peep toe shoes, even on the coldest and rainiest of days! Is there a new fashion norm I am unaware of?!

Well Reader Margaux, I believe the answer is – yes you can.

There really isn’t a rule that exists that says you can’t wear open toe shoes between Labor Day and Memorial Day.

Last year there was an open-toed winter booties trend (it also carried over into 2012). So I think that was also leading in it being more acceptable to wear open toes year around.

You see, a lot of people look to celebrities to set trends. And frankly, they wear open toed shoes year around.

Margaux lives in the south (Atlanta) and I tend to see more bloggers that I follow that live in warmer weather markets wear more open toed shoes in the winter. For those in colder markets, it’s more so for a special occasion.

In my opinion, I would say that more of a trend is to rock tights WITH open toed shoes. Let me caution you – you need to do this right. This can go way, way wrong.

I did some research and here is what some stylists say:

·         "That old thing about not wearing tights with an open-toe doesn't exist anymore.  And it's a very economical way to winterize your spring accessories." – Rachel Zoe

       “You can wear tights with open-toed shoes, as long as there’s no reinforces toe or even toe seam,” – Stacey London
            “… more sophisticated women that are older should experiment with tights — try a colored tight and see how it plays out. If that’s pushing it too far, try a black stocking. I don’t think women should feel limited to thinking they can’t wear an open-toed shoe in the winter and they should just play around and explore what looks best for them.”Cristina Ehrlich (Ashley Greene’s stylist)

Check out these girls on Accidental Chic doing that tight and open toed shoe trend the RIGHT way!

A few years ago, I set a personal style rule. I only wear boots from late September until March 31st (one exception – cowboy boots). The same typically goes for tights as well (with MAYBE some exceptions in early April or late September).

So to sum this up. Use caution, but yes, you can wear open toed shoes in the winter. However, if you are in a colder market, why not try the tights with open toes!