Valentine's Day: Decoded

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Despite what recent advertisements would lead you to believe, girls don’t want a cheesy open heart pendant for Valentine’s Day (no offence here). We also don’t put out after receiving some flowers.

So what do women really want for Valentine’s Day?

I did an unscientific survey of some of the ladies in my life, and here’s what they said.

·         “I want acknowledgement of the day, a card and maybe dinner,” – Dana
·         “I don’t need (or want) a candlelight dinner and flowers, and certainly no chocolate. But I do want recognition that it’s Valentine’s Day, especially since this is like my Christmas! A nice card and dinner will keep me a happy girl! Oh, and maybe some heart-shaped gummy candy?” (Editor’s note – Brittnee LOVES Valentine’s Day, so I was surprised at this response! Oh and she hates chocolate – for realz)
·         “For me, I don’t really “want” anything. An acknowledgement of the special relevance of the date would be nice – whether a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ in person, or a card (preferably with cats and/or wordplay),” - Libby.
·         “The old romantic roses and a card. But the roses have to be bought at shoprite and not the crazy amount at a floral store,” – Aunt Donna

 BOYS! Do you see this?!?! Girls are SIMPLE! We just want some acknowledgement of the day, a paper card and some food (which we are going to eat anyways – at least some of us). Not a diamond pennant! Let’s not complicate things!

To be fair, I asked someone other side of this day. A man. The response…

·         “Nothing,” – Jason