I Do in 20 12

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do you know what song I love? That one that goes, "I do, I do, I do, I do..." 

This year is starting to become the year of engagement (and in some case wedding) for the hubs and I. If we thought years past were spattered with weddings, it was really only a pregame for what we are about to experience in 2012 – 2013. And let’s just say we’ve got our party shoes ready!

In thinking about weddings and trends, here are some that I’ve seen and that I hope to see at the upcoming nuptials that we will attend.

·         Individual Centerpieces
o   LOVE this idea. Rather than go for one show stopper centerpiece, give guests their own piece of flare.
o   This may include mini flower arrangements, cakes, piñatas!

·         DIY Bouquet Bar
o   Building off of the first idea, for a shower, I love the concept of buying bunches and bunches of flowers and inexpensive vases and allow guests to make their own arrangement to take home.
o   You can also have signs up on tips for making the perfect arrangement – like what colors to mix, flower placement, etc.
o   In Pittsburgh, you can buy the flowers from the Strip District OR order from Sam’s Club or Costco. For vases, go to Home Goods or Garden Ridge.

(Photo – Moi)

·         Farewell Toast
o   While people tend to serve a signature drink during cocktail hour, the new trend is a farewell toast. It’s a great way to thank guests for coming and cap off an awesome party.

o   This is also where you can hand out sparklers for a farewell photo!

o   Also unexpected – rather than give people a welcome bag, work with the hotel to drop of some goodies for guests to find in their room when they go to sleep or in their car through the valet!

·         Bringing the Outside In and Inside Out
o   Way before Kate Middleton turned Westminster Abbey into a forest for her wedding, I noticed this trend of brides bringing the outdoors inside and chic things from inside, outside for their weddings. Let me show you what I’m talking about here.

o   For these outdoor weddings, one brought couches on to the sand, while the other used a door as the opening to the aisle. I’ve also seen people pull vintage desks outside to use as a bar, gift table or buffet.


o   For indoor weddings, brides are bringing trees and the second photo incorporates twigs (with lights), wood and pinecones.  This is also popular to bring summer (seashells) and winter (snow) inside.  

Other “In’s”
·         Arcrylic furniture – still in (and still pricey!)
·         Doughnuts
·         Chevron
·         Local food

What’s moving out?
·         Cigar Bars
·         Candy Bars
·         Cupcakes