Oh Make Me Over

Sunday, February 26, 2012

So I have a confession. While I’m a total girly girl, there is one area that I’m just awful with – beauty products. Let’s just say that I’m lucky if I wash my face with water at night. My beauty regime is non-existent.  

HOWEVER, now that I’m getting a bit, ah hem, older, I decided to devote some more time researching beauty products, creams, etc.

I’m a big fan of test driving products before I buy them, but I’ve found that there are less smelly perfume ladies passing out free samples at department stores.


Most of you probably have heard of this, but last year I signed up for Birch Box. It’s like a magazine subscription, but rather than receive some paper, you get a handful of beauty products each month to test out in a pretty little box. So far I’ve got awesome things like nail polish, face creams, exfoliating masks, etc. For a minimal cost ($10 a month), I’m able to sample new things to determine if I’m going to invest in the full-sized sample.

So far, it’s so good! I’ve found that I LOVE Zoya nail polish because it stays on forever. Applying eye cream nightly isn’t difficult. Juicy perfume and my allergies don’t mesh. Hot pink lip gloss is fun, but not functional for me. See, I’m learning a lot!

Note that the pics above show a few items from more than one Birch Box. I wanted to show the variety of stuff that you get! Oh and you can end your subscription at any time. 

Wanna join? Click here!