Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: Alabama, Alaska & Arizona

Monday, December 07, 2015

1. I’ve been to Alabama twice for work and let me tell you that I LOVED IT! The people were just SO darn nice. On one trip I stayed in Birmingham for 4 nights and had a lot of down time. Let me tell you that I made a lot of friends!
2-3. I’m not sure if there is a more passionate fan base than those of Alabama. And I must say, I’m a big fan too (just not when they are playing WVU). The fans rock the red, black and houndstooth. Inspired by my second favorite college football team: Nicole Miller Houndstooth Toddler Outfit and Alabama Christmas Ornament.  
4. Did you know that Huntsville is known as the Rocket Capital of the World? I mean who wouldn’t want a rocket as a gift!? I’m going to recommend the Big Bertha rocket as it’s one that I built and launched in 6th grade. Brady is amazed that I remember this, but WHO COULD FORGET!? It was the only time I liked science class.
5. Nat King Cole was born in Montgomery. You wanna know what a good gift is? A classic Christmas CD to play while you are entertaining or cooking during the holiday! Don’t forget that records are also hip again and I’m sure you can find some NKC on vinyl!

  1. I LOVE me some polar bears. They are my absolute favorite at the zoo. The WWF allows you to adopt animals - which is a totally cool gift. Who wouldn’t want to say that they are the adoptive parent to a polar bear? I’m totally the mom of the bear at the Lincoln Park Zoo!
  2. The internets tell me that you basically MUST buy an Ulu Knife from Alaska. Not sure how you get that back to the continental states with you, but I found one on Amazon that is probably easier to get to your home! 
  3. I mean you can’t really come up with gift ideas inspired by Alaska without making them revolve around snow. Here’s some of my favs - Inflatable Snow Castle(3), Faux Snowballs(4),  Snowman Kit(5)

  1. When I think of Arizona, the sun and desert come to mind. You know what else comes to mind? Cactus. During my research I discovered there is such a thing as a Christmas Cactus. The internets tell me that it’s a good plant to gift because it’s super low maintenance.
  2. I can’t mention Arizona without mentioning my former love to the Phoenix Suns - especially because of Sir Charles Barkely. I know chances are someone on your list isn’t a Barkley fan from when he played for the Suns, but a jersey always makes a good gift! 
  3. Earlier this year the Twitter and news crews went nuts when two llamas were on the loose in Arizona. In honor of one of the biggest memes of the year, here’s an amazing holiday sweater.
  4. Birkenstocks are totally back in style (because everything comes back in style 20ish years later). While you may not think of Birks and Arizona, the iconic pair actually bears the name of the state!
  5. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona. If you’ve never been why not plan a trip!?