Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: Oregon, Pennsylvania & Rhode Island

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

  • I could probably dedicate all of my gift suggestions for Oregon on Nike, which is headquartered here. But seriously, can we talk about these toddler shoes?
  • While it’s global headquarters are in Germany, Adidas’ has corporate office in Portland. Keep your friends close and enemies closer, right? Stella McCartney has a line for Adidas with some fashion-forward casual apparel like these printed tights.
  • For my fall work beer exchange I purchased a Rogue beer. Based in Portland these beers are popular among my co-workers. I gotta go with the beer that I purchased - the Dead Guy Ale.

Of course PA was going to be easy for me since I’m from here, BUT I would like to add that the amazing amount of companies that are based in the Keystone State also totally inspired me. Pittsburgh alone is home to American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Goods, ModCloth and Rue21. Outside of Pittsburgh there is Hershey’s Chocolates, David’s Bridal, Bon-Ton, QVC, Urban Outfitters and of course my ULTIMATE FAV, Anthropologie!
  1. For my first suggestion, I’m going to start with a small business - Wigle Whiskey. I’ve spoke of my love of Wigle before and this Wigle Whiskey Aging Kit makes a pretty rad gift.
  2. I love a good game of Bingo, so when I went on to do some research on the game I was shocked to find out that it was invented in Europe by standardized in Pittsburgh! This Crate & Barrel version is a great stocking stuffer priced under $10.
  3. When brainstorming ideas from each state, it occurred to me that not many designers were born in the US. One lady that was born in the state of PA is Tory Burch. She grew up near Philly (Valley Forge) and attended Penn. Here’s a little bit of luxury from Tory in the form of a makeup bag or phone case.
  4. Oh my god you guys. The Huffington Post named the Burnt Almond Torte from Prantals Bakery it’s BEST CAKE IN AMERICA. Um...Prantals is less than .5 mile away from my house! Let me tell you. I wasn’t an almond on cake fan until this cake changed my life. Good news for all of you readers not near a Prantals - they ship!
  5. So an interesting fact about Pittsburgh - the first game of professional football was played here. Read all about it on the NFL Hall of Fame’s website. But if you want a fun gift for any football fan, go for this electric football game!

  1. Polo was played in the U.S. for the first time in Rhode Island. A classic polo t is a great gift. You could go with a Ralph Lauren Polo, but I’m also a fan of Lacoste (currently on sale at Nordstrom!)
  2. The Playskool brand is based in Rhode Island. There are SO MANY iconic toys that are in the Playskool family - Mr. Potato Head, Gloworm and Tonka!

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