Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: Connecticut, Delaware & Florida

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

  1. The first American cookbook was produced in Connecticut. A super fun cookbook is the new Thug Kitchen Party Grub book that is “For Social Motherf*ckers.”
  2. Guess what was included in that first cookbook published? A cupcake! Kate Spade tested my wallet by releasing a cupcake line earlier this year. There are many options for your cupcake-loving friend in that collection! Cupcake Hat and Charm.
  3. I love to give magazine subscriptions as gifts and a perfect magazine inspired by Connecticut is ESPN given that the network is based in the state!
  4. Brooks Brothers is based in Connecticut and is the perfect place for preppy presents like this plaid scarf!
  5. PEZ candy is made in Orange, Connecticut and it makes a fantastic stocking stuffer!
Sources: Wikipedia and here.

  1. The Ladybug is Delaware’s official state bug and Tiffany & Co has the perfect charm for the ladybug lover in your life.
  2. Fisher’s Popcorn is apparently super popular according to the internets, so if you like popcorn perhaps you buy some! In Chicago I gave the ladies in my old apartment building popcorn or some food item as a holiday gift!
  3. 5. Strawberries are the state fruit of Delaware and one of my FAVORITE ways to eat strawberries is dipped in chocolate.
4-5. Vice President Joe Biden was a Senator in Delaware. For a Joe Biden fan, may I suggest his book - Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics OR his wife Jill’s book - Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops

  1. The ULTIMATE Christmas present is probably based in Florida...a trip to DISNEY WORLD! You could even take this trip up a notch with a visit to Hogwarts at Universal Studios!
  2. When you think of Florida, you think of retirees. When you think of retirees, you think of nursing homes. When you think of nursing homes, you think of Shuffleboard. Land of Nod Shuffleboard.
  3. It’s funny that I think of the ultimate Florida girl as Lilly Pulitzer, but she wasn’t born and raised in the Sunshine State. Lilly grew up in New York and Connecticut, but settled in Palm Beach after marriage. Her husband owned several orange groves, so Lilly opened up a juice stand using his oranges. To cover up juice stains on her clothes, Lilly started to make shift dresses out of bright colored patterns. And this is how Lilly Pulitzer the brand was born! In honor of Lilly, let’s go with a classic shift dress.
  4. I feel like Florida oranges always end up around any office I’ve worked at around the holidays from a vendor as a gift. You can send someone oranges OR you can buy someone a juicer!
  5. The Emily Ley brand was founded in South Florida probably guessed it. Emily Ley! A lot of people swear by this planner!
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