Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: Arkansas, California & Colorado

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

1. Well this is something pretty insane that I didn’t know. Arkansas has more than 600,000 acres of lakes and 9,700 miles of streams and rivers. That’s a lot of water to utilize for fun! While I haven’t tempted this yet, I have heard very good things about paddleboarding. The boards are pretty expensive, but if you know someone near water that loves to paddleboard I’m sure the cost of owning a board outweighs rental costs over time.
2. Arkansas has the only active gold mine in the United States. And, of course the diamond is the state gem. I don’t know much about diamonds, but I thought I’d recommend a little bling from David Yurman.
3-4. Former President Bill Clinton is from Arkansas. And while Hillary may not have been born there she is his wife. I know, I know. Some of you may not be fond of Hillary (for the record, I’m undecided on her right now), but I do love her gift shop! Two of my favorite items are this pillow and sweatshirt.

5. Wal-Mart was founded in Arkansas. I did a quick search of the most popular gifts this year from Wal-mart and pools were “trending.” I mean how awesome would it be to receive a pool from Santa in the middle of winter? It totally gives you something to look forward to for the summer!

  1. The original California girl was Barbie and this “doll” is a must on any Christmas gift.
  2. People that live in California really love California. For that friend or family members that loves their home state, go for a Doegeared necklace.
  3. The grizzly bear is that state animal of California and this bear bottle open is pretty rad.
  4. California is the land of movie stars and the entertainment industry. Popcorn goes hand in hand with movies and I feel like a popcorn machine is one of those gifts where you really don’t need it, but if someone bought you one you would think “oh cool.”
  5. You know what goes with popcorn? WINE. Especially if you are on the Olivia Pope diet. California produces 17 million gallons of wine a year. Two of my favorite California wines are Arnold Palmer Cab and anything from Dave Matthews Dreaming Tree Winery.

  1. When I think of Colorado, I think of mountains. When I think of mountains, I think of snow. When I think of snow, I think of skiing. When I think of skiing, I think of me watching people see in the warmth of a ski lodge looking cute. This hat would help me stay fly.
  2. Chipotle was created in Denver, Colorado and the Dove Creek is said to be the “pinto bean capital of the world.” An awesome gift for the Chipotle lover in your life is a gift card for those tasty tacos (or burritos).
  3. Yes Colorado is home to the Coors Brewing Company, but given that craft beer is all the rage right now another popular brewery that calls Colorado home is New Belgium. Accumulation is the brewery’s winter ale.  
  4. So the internets tell me that the teddy bear was invented in Colorado. The Costco big bear is probably on a lot of kids lists based on social media pics, but I’m not sure that Santa will be able to bring this 93-inch bear down the chimney
  5. The United States Olympic Committee is based in Colorado Springs and I was fortunate enough to visit there when the hubs lived in Colorado. With the Summer Olympics coming up next year, you can stock up on some ‘Merica great now with this t-shirt and pin.