Shot of Brandi Gift Guide Nevada, New Hampshire & New Jersey

Sunday, December 20, 2015

For my annual gift guide I'm posting ideas inspired by each state!

  1. The slot machine was of course invented in Nevada - the state that is home to Las Vegas. Can’t make a trip to the sin city soon? How about a home slot machine?
  2. A trip to Vegas is a great gift. You could make that trip even sweeter with tickets to see Britney Spears!
  3. Area 51 is in Nevada and known for being an alien research center. The truth is that it is a military base, but what is done there is unknown - hence the rumors about aliens. I didn’t want to recommend some weird alien shit, so here is a perfume called Alien!

  1. The first alarm clock was invented in New Hampshire. Since Star Wars is so incredibly hot and all over the place right now, here’s a Millennium Falcon alarm clock!
  2. Adam Sandler is from the state. And Adam Sandler is always wearing t-shirts. Happy Gilmore is a great Sandler movie, so here is a t-shirt inspired by the film.
  3. The store Brookstone is based in NH and it’s a great place for gifts. One of the most popular gifts this year, the hoverboard, is sold at Brookstone (but I’ve seen cheaper versions - probably the ones that catch on fire - in other places).

  1. The streets used in the game Monolopy are based on roads in Atlantic City. This classic board game is a must have in any household, however finishing a game is another story!  
  2. One of the hottest concert tickets of 2016 is New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen. Ironically the Boss launching his tour here in Pittsburgh, but tickets sold out FAST. Concert tickets make a good gift and you can buy them last minute online and print!
  3. The first baseball game was played in Hoboken. Here’s a fun little Baseball Game!

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