Shot of Brandi Gift Guide: Michigan, Minnesota & Mississippi

Friday, December 18, 2015

  1. Michigan is known for cars. While the Corvette was developed there and originally built in Flint, it is now made in Kentucky. But since cars are so associated with Michigan, I’m going to feature this ridiculously amazing kids Corvette here.
  2. Um...why did I just find this out now? You can hunt unicorns in Michigan! Don’t believe me? You can get a license here.
  3. The world’s largest supply of magic supplies is based in Michigan. Seriously - a magic kit is an amazing gift for a kid. I remember putting one on my list and actually receiving it one year! Sadly, my magician career didn’t go anywhere.
  4. Living in Chicago, I was surprised to learn that Michigan has a pretty rad wine country. I didn’t really get to visit it (just drove by wineries), but I’d recommend that you do if you get the opportunity. Here some info on how you can plan a tour. A great gift would be a ticket for you and a friend!

  1. Apparently Minnesota raises the most turkeys. During the Thanksgiving season, I saw this “Turkey On The Table” which allows people to write what they are thankful for on the feathers and then use as a centerpiece during their meal. And this isn’t just a pretty bird, each turkey sold provides 10 meals for families in need.
  2. I feel like it is ALWAYS snowing in Minnesota. Gap has a number of perfect snow day inspired items like these boots, sweater and hat.
  3. Speaking of cold...did you know that Freezy Freakies were BACK?! These gloves were the coolest thing in the 1980’s and now for $35ish they can be YOURS!
  4. There are a number of retailers based in Minneapolis - like Target and Best Buy. Tech gifts are always popular and this year one of the more popular items is the Apple Watch. I feel like I don’t want an iWatch, but if someone gave me one I’d probably think it was cool.

  1. Elvis was born in Mississippi. There are so many good Elvis fan items on the internets like this Mr. Elvis Potato Head.
  2. So this is pretty random and awesome. In 1884 the concept of selling shoes in boxes in pairs started in Vicksburg. My whole Christmas list is basically shoes this year because my feet grew a bit with pregnancy and none of my pre-baby shoes fit right. I’ve been lusting over these Miu Miu bow pumps and can’t wait for someone to make a less expensive version!
  3. The International Checkers Hall of Fame is in Petal. Checkers is a classic board game to keep in your closet - especially for awful weather weekend nights that you stay inside.
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