Gift-a-Day: 4 for 4 days left!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Four shopping days left!

Here’s my best advice. Don’t go to the mall without having something in mind before your trip. It’s a waste of your time and a waste of parking spot for others if you are just going to “hang out.” (that means you 14 year-old-girls at the mall on Sunday).

So what does that leave left to buy if you didn’t benefit on one of those last minute online delivery deals?

What about a subscription? There are a lot of fun ones out there in which you can just print the certificate. Some examples:

  •    Stationary - I LOVE this! From Merci Beaucoup, you can join a monthly stationary club
·         Magazines - you can print subscription certificates via or I actually went to Barnes & Noble to buy one of those magazine subscriptions as a gift (maybe for a reader!) and they don’t sell them any more, so online is the best way to buy them!

·         Wine Club – You can do a 3-month membership through Williams-Sonoma OR PA Wine & Spirits. Note that the Williams-Sonoma club doesn’t deliver to PA! Darn Control State (aka the state controls the liquor)

·         Movies – Yeah, Netflix has a bad rap right now, but it’s the biggest name on the market.  

·         Candles: How cool is this – Yankee Candle Company offers a candle of the month club! (It looks like the link isn’t working right now, but stalk or call this site if you are interested!)

I also joined a new monthly club awhile back and I can’t wait to tell you about it soon!