Gift-a-Day: Come Fly With Me

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I’m doing a bit of traveling today, so I was thinking – what are some things that I use while traveling that could be good gift options.

·         Luggage Tag: I remember when I went on a hunt for a luggage tag and ended up disgruntled that they all cost like $15-20. So I printed my address on hot pink paper and took it to Office Max and got it laminated. Now that I’m a big girl business traveler, I think it’s about time for an upgrade. This Tiffany blue tag is under $100 and bright enough to make your bag stand out on the luggage carousel.

·         One Night Roller Bag: Flying from Pittsburgh means you are more than likely required to connect in another airport before reaching your final destination. That also means small planes with small overheads. To save time and space when you are only traveling for one night, a small roller bag is a necessity and something that I’m in the market for. It helps free my hands vs. traveling with a duffle. This Vera Bradley is the perfect size, but not the perfect price. ( I’ll wait for a sale!)

·         Computer Bag: I LOVE my computer bag. It’s by a brand named Belkin, which is kinda funny because it sounds like he high end Birkin lol. This thing is so fab because it isn’t a heavyweight like other computer bags out there and it’s easy to get your computer in and out through the security line. Oh and the price!? Unbelievably cost effective!  (PS – I bought mine at Target – I wouldn’t normally encourage Walmart shopping, but this is the only place I could find it online.