Gift-a-Day: Games, Games, Games

Saturday, December 10, 2011

One of my favorite gifts to give is that of a board game! I feel like you can never have enough. They are the perfect way to pass the night with a group of friend. The games keep the conversations going and the alcohol flowing!

I haven’t really seen any new games out, so I thought today I would go with three of my favs.

·         This game I simple. You roll a die that reveal a letter and you need to come up with words in different categories that match that letter.

· Ask reader Brian how excited I get about Outburst. Basically there are 10 answers to a category. You need to answer as many as you can. For example, name Disney movie characters. I like to turn this into a drinking game and you need to sip for the number that you don’t get!

·         WARNING. When I tried to find this on the net, all these CRAZY high prices kept coming up. I think my mom got her’s for like $20.

·         I recently played this game and it was a ton of fun. You get a word and you need to give clues until your team can guess the word. You keep passing the plastic thing around and the person who ends with it loses!

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