Gift-a-Day: I'm The Designated Driver

Monday, December 05, 2011

In college I dated a police officer. This is so illegal, but he'd always let my friends and I fool people with his badge. We'd play undercover cop at the bar. Oh, not to mention we were 20. 

Well things got even more out of control one night when we borrowed his breathalyzer. Let's just say that we found out the batteries weren't working when sometimes unnamed reader was "legally" able to drive after drinking a bottle of whiskey. 

After our failed breathalyzer experiment, we all kind of wondered why you shouldn't just buy one. So when you went out, you could test yourself before driving. 

Well, that has happened. And crazier, the device is sold at...TARGET! I stumbled upon this twice today in gift guides!  I give you....The Alcohawk! 

I mean this is a totally random, weird gift, but I just had to share it!