The Nutcracker: Act Three - The Nutcracker

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Today, we are going to cover the namesake of play – The Nutcracker! I remember seeing The Nutcracker in Pittsburgh as a kid. My mom got some super awesome seats real close. The whole play I was excited to see a girl from my grade school dance with the Sugar Plum Fairies. At the end, I demanded that my mom buy me a souvenir – a Nutcracker that I believe still lives at my parents’ house. Since that one has been around for way too many years, here are some upgrades!

·         The obvious gift here is tickets to The Nutcracker!

·         They seriously make Nutcrackers with almost everything imaginable painted on them. I, of course, love this WVUs one ; )

·         There are a ton of fun Nutcracker t-shirts out there that could be cool to wear during holiday parties. Here are my favorites: here, here and here.

·         Now, for the real Nutcracker enthusiast (or if you are just really rich), there is a place out there where you can customize your own Nutcracker! Check it out here.

·         If you are in the market for a real Nutcracker, may I suggest this silver squirrel option