Gift-a-Day: Burn, Baby Burn

Friday, December 02, 2011

West Virginia played its last regular season game last night, but that doesn’t mean my mind isn’t thinking about tailgating next year at Mountaineer Field!

My parents, the #1 tailgaters in my book, use their outdoor burner all the time, so I think it’s about time the hubs and I invest in one of these bad boys. And for all of those guys out there that thing Shot of Brandi* went to girly, here’s a manly Colman gift.

This little bad boy requires a propane take to bring the heat to tailgate favorites like spiked hot coco, soup, Italian beef, etc. The warm possibilities are endless! AND it’s under $75 – a popular gift price point.

But wait - there's more!! This burner is available at Target. I consider this a bonus because you can pick up so much other stuff while you are there - wrapping paper, cards, shoes, clothes, food, etc.!