The Nutcracker: Act Six - Angels

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Okay seriously. This angel stuff was totally more difficult than I anticipated. Let’s just say after my searches for this post, I can’t get images of freaky angels made from yarn and ceramic out of my head. Creepy.

·         Sadly, when I think of angels, I think Victoria’s Secret. Buying bras and undies for the women (i.e. friends and lovers) can be a bit awkward…you don’t want to get them a big size to imply that they are large lol. That’s why PJ’s are safe. Here’s a cute Angel sleep shirt from VS.

·         One of the most talked about (and advertised) perfumes right now is Thierry Mugler’s Angel. A star freak, I love the bottles for this collection!

·         I LOVE the idea of stuffing stockings with nail polish or buying some as a hostess gift with a mani gift card. This Essie shade is called Angel Food. Yummm.

·          Okay so not all angel décor was freaky. I thought that these wooden angels from Etsy were cute! And totally DIY-able!

·         Via Nordstrom is this cute angel necklace. The card behind it reads: “Make a wish and put on your necklace. You’re never alone on the journey of life…wear your necklace as a reminder that your angels are with you for every twist and turn.” Sweet for a family member of friend!