Nutcracker Act 1: The Parents - Herr & Frau

Friday, December 02, 2011

The opening scene of the Nutcracker shows a Christmas Eve party at the house of Herr and Frau Silberhaud. Along with their children, Clara and Fritz, friends and family join them to decorate the tree.

While we don’t know a lot about the Silberhaus' we do know one thing – they like to entertain. Here are some ideas for parents like the Silberhaus' may enjoy.

·         The theme of the Silberhaus’ party is a tree trimming, so why not bring something to add to the tree. My favorite ornaments come from The Christmas Mouse (Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach), but more fitting given this gift guide theme would be these Nutcracker ornaments from Crate & Barrel.

·         When you are hosting a party, you often forget to take pictures. Especially if you are running around replacing dishes and chatting with guests. The Sony Party-Shot camera dock swivels and turns around snapping pictures of the party! (Sony)

·         How cute are these personalized serving trays! There are many colors and patterns available and this is one of the best prices that I’ve seen! (Swoozies)

·         Sometimes when you are at an all day party / drinkfest and night falls, you often run out of games to play outside unless you have a spotlight. Well this game solves that issue. This rad game of horseshoes has LED lighting! (Target)

·         Clean up can be more than half the battle when entertaining. How about a gift certificate for a local maid or cleaning service that the couple can redeem post-party!