I'm Like the Ringleader, I Call the Shots

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I’m still playing my little Word of the Day game as inspiration on Pinterest and Tumblr. Yesterday, I had a fun word that produced some great ideas. So great, I had to share here on my Mothership social networking site.

The words was:

Here are some ideas that I discovered.

For parties, don’t just think about decorating the floor and tables. Turn things upside down with these fun umbrellas hanging from strings! (source)

Cute Circus party invitations that feature tickets and a big tops! (source)

I’ve got this big thing going on right now with black and white strips, so obvi I love this cotton candy display. (source) And check out this cotton candy topped cupcake from Real Simple.

Speaking of those stripes – how fun, chic, and playful is this black and white striped tent!? (source)

The perfect Circus party favor? Animal crackers! (source

I LOVE this wallet-friendly table top décor from Oriental Trading. It’s a big top tent for your table! Not only does sit totally play to the them, But it will cover your treats!