Party Like its 1992

Friday, January 27, 2012

Some fashion expert said this week that everything that was old 20 years ago, is always new again. That fashion runs in a 20-year span.

If this holds true, we are currently channeling 1992.

Since the internets weren’t really around back then, I consulted my friends at Wikipedia and in 1992 the fashions of the 1980’s were still present – spandex pants, denim button down shirts, penny loafers and NEON.

Isn’t that crazy!? All things that are popular right now. Chambray shirts, leggings (still), black leather jackets – even Keds are always trying to make a comeback.

For fun, here is me around circa 1992. This was one of my modeling days (um, my mom signed me up – I think everyone was picked). There is so much about this look that is all wrong, yet probably right at the time. The wind breaker, the stop watch hanging from the zipper, the two toned socks. And I mean who cannot notice what the hair stylists did by thanking things to a whole new level by doing a French braid around my head and injected neon jelly bracelets around my head.

As a lover of all colors, if I had to pick one trend (vs. the explosion that was on my body in ’92), I’d go with NEON. I love the bold colors out. As Vogue calls it – a fashion rebellion. Times still suck and rather than wear all black and be depressing, we are saying eff you – I’m going to wear sequins and bright colors!

Without further rambling, here are my favorite neon items out right now:
·         Earrings via Etsy
·         Christopher Kane Clutch via Saks (lower-priced imitation-ish thing here)
·         Blazer via GapKudos to Gap for its partnership with Pantone. I may or may not own this whole collection by the end of the season.
·         Chair via ABC Home
·         Shoe via Zara
·         Sunnies via Nordstrom

·         Dress via Topshop
·         Dress via Asos
·         Shoes via J. Crew
·         Dress via Outnet
·         Marc Jacobs belt via Net-a-Porter
·         AG jeans via Piperlime

Will someone PLEASE wear the Jason Wu neon to the Oscars? I’ll be waiting!!