Put the FUN in Fundraising

Monday, January 23, 2012


So near the end of 2011, I decided that I needed to read the newspaper more. I mean, my office gets four papers delivered and seriously no one reads them. So being one of the elder people in our group, I decided to take on the reading challenge. Let’s just say that recently, I’ve been failing.

However, I took a few with me on a long car ride and pulled out a Wall Street Journal story about fundraising. Specifically, all of the things that people try and sell you at work to help support their kids. Did you know that $1.7 BILLION DOLLARS is spent in the U.S. on products for school and youth ground fund-raising annually?   

It got me thinking. A year back, Shot of Mom asked me if I had any creative fundraising ideas. I sent her a few things that were actually on this list. Their organization went with something pretty cool – a dip fundraiser from Serendipity just outside of Pittsburgh.

So if you are looking for a creative fundraiser or just a regular idea, here were a few things on the list that I would totally consider buying from the November 16th Wall Street Journal:
·         Candles
·         Cheese and cheese spreads
·         Coffee
·         Cookies
·         Cookie dough
·         Greeting cards
·         Holiday ornaments
·         Magazine subscriptions
·         Meat snacks – editor’s note – I may not buy this, but it sounds delicious lol.
·         Plants and flowers
·         Sauces
·         Stationery
·         Window & wall decorations (could be cool if they are local sports or high school teams) 

And don't forget that it's that time of the year and those little Girl Scouts are lurking with their cookie orders!