Sundays with Sue: Little Beer

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This afternoon I was over Sue’s and she kept telling me about “Lil Beers.” I just wasn’t understanding this concept, so she had to repeat it to me a number of times. So I thought, I’ll explain it all to you today as part of Sunday’s with Sue.

Lil Beers apparently has nothing to do with Beer. It’s a drink served in a short glass to resemble a little beer.

Drinks Mixer lists the recipe for Little Beer as follows:
·         1 oz of Licor 43 liqueur
·         Cream (although Sue thinks it's Baileys)

What is 43 liqueur you ask? Well I asked the same thing!

Licor 43 is a sweet, bright citrus, vanilla Spanish liqueur with a combination of 43 ingredients including citrus and fruit juices, as well as herbs, spices and vanilla. Yowyza.  This stuff dates back to the time of the Romans (even though its Spanish? Maybe because its headquarters are in Spain).

So if you see this bottle or are feeling cozy with your bartender – ask for one of these next time you are out and want to try something new. OR if you are at the Bronze Hood in Robinson, PA, tell ‘em Sue told you to order one!