Party Like its 2012

Saturday, January 07, 2012

I don’t want to hear any of you say that you are bored. 2012 is FULL of excuses to have a party!  Start planning now!

·         4th – 20th Anniversary of ESPN going on the air (I discovered this during the WVU ass kicking of Clemson – the broadcasters were running out of things to talk about).
·         9th – Put on your crown, it’s the birth of Kate Middleton!
·         14th – 60th Anniversary of The Today Show
·         15th – 5th Anniversary of Shot of Brandi* - I mean…WOW. Celebrate with what else – a shot of brandy!

·         6th – The Queen of England will celebrate her Jubilee. Dust off those Royal Wedding decorations and throw another British fete.
·         9th – NY Fashion Week starts and runs through the 16th.
·         27th – National Polar Bear Day and the birth of this blogger! Coincidence? I think not!
·         29th – It’s a leap year folks! Celebrate the plus day! Disney is staying open for 24 hours!

·         1st – Beiber is legal. He’s no longer a “Baby, Baby, Baby” because on this day he turns 18. Go buy some cheesy décor and play the Biebs on repeat.
·         12th – On my honor, I will try…to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Girl Scouts! As a former Brownie (and #1 cookie seller in my troop), I may make some brownies to mark this day.
·         17th – St. Pat’s is on a Saturday this year! Can’t wait to break out my sequin shamrock vest and the hubs new Irish coffee mugs!

·         4th – Take Me Out to the Ball Game – it’s the opening day of Baseball. Break out that tailgating gear!
·         15th – My hear will go on – it’s the100-year anniversary of the Titanic sinking.

·         7th – the famous MET Ball.  One of the biggest fashion / red carpet nights of the year – next to the Oscars.
·         27th – In 1961, the first blacklight was introduced. Why not celebrate with a party in someone’s basement with a temporary wall for people to write on with neon markers. And just like college, you can turn this into a graffiti party and write on each other!

·         5th – The first drive in theater opened in 1933. Hit up a local drive in near you!
·         20th – First day of summer!
·         23rd – The Playboy Mansion is hosting a Kandyland party. Not on the list? Throw your own party!

·         20th – The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters. Thank god they are not hitting my local roads anymore ; )
·         27th - Summer Olympics start (and run through August 12th). Beer Olympics anyone?

·         15th - this would have been the 100th Birthday of Julia Child. What about hosting a dinner party with all Julia recipes?
·         16th – Party like a virgin because Madonna was born on this day! I mean how awesome would it be to have a dress-like-Madonna party?

·         6th – NY Spring 2013 Fashion Week starts and runs through the 13th.
·         20th – National Punch Day. So either make a delicious punch and have friends over OR punch someone. Decisions….

·         20th – Sweetest Day. Get some cupcakes and cookies stat.
·         25th – National Denim Day. Why not use this as an excuse to make this centerpiece.

·         6th - If you haven’t already had enough, it’s an election year! Plan a party and stock up on 4th of July sale items for your bash.
·         13th – Turn around…every now and then we have a total solar eclipse. And on Nov. 13th, we’ll have one! Too bad this isn’t one of the THREE 13ths that will fall on a Friday in 2012. Yes, that’s right, we will have THREE Friday the 13ths.
·         16th – Sorry Tiwards, the Twilight series of movies comes to an end on this day. Save up on Vampire décor for this party.

·         21st – Party like a rockstar on the eve of this day because according to some, this is when the world will end. I plan to do as many shots as possible because I won’t wake up to see that hangover. It’s been nice knowing you all!