Sprouting Up New Hobbies

Monday, January 09, 2012

With work and travel in overload during December, the hubs recognized that I needed a calm date night. So he arranged a nice dinner and a trip to the Phipps Conservatory here in Pittsburgh. (He’s a keeper).

That all sounds super romantic, right? Well little did the hubs know that my parents took me to a haunted house at Phipps in 4th grade and I’ve been scarred since. 

For those of you that don’t live in Pittsburgh, Phipps is a Conservatory. Aka a house of plants. Some years back, Phipps hosted a haunted house during October where people would seriously dress as plants and jump out at you.

During our recent visit, every time I heard a little noise, I would jump. I also kept thinking there were people in the plants.So a romantic holiday light show visit turned into extreme paranoia.

This is going somewhere.

So I love to grab books and pamphlets from places and I picked up one on the Phipps. This little book was full of inspiration and classes.

So if you are resolving to try something new or change careers in 2012 (and live in Pittsburgh), may I suggest the Phipps Floral Design Program. Yeah, it’s a little pricey, but if you’ve purchased flowers lately, they are pricey!! Just think – after taking this course, you can make arrangements for family and friends (to save some cash) OR start your own thing on the side. You don’t’ need to complete the full program for a fancy certificate – there are single classes on things like vase arranging and centerpieces!