Tech Tuesday: iBrandi

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So the hubs and I are slowly become i users. We were extra good this year and Santa brought us an iPad (and he even dropped it off early – Christmas Eve!  My parents say he visits the good kids first – wink, wink).

I’ve been dedicating some time on learning how to work the pad and downloading some apps. I researched which ones people liked, so I thought I would share with you what I uncovered. There is only three now, but I expect some more soon!

·         Evernote: This is fun for me. With Evernote, you can save your ideas, pictures and note to the Evernote site. Then, you can access your documents anywhere – just by logging in to Evernote. So say you want to save your to do list here from your computer – you can and then access it from your phone or ipad wherever you go! It’s totally a digital notebook.

·         Word with Friends: Yep. We play. Think Scrabble, but you play digitally with friends that also have accounts. I also recommend Angry Birds and Tetris.

·         Epicurious: This is a great recipe app! You will never have to think of things that you can cook for dinner, because this thing will totally help you find something. AND there is a shopping list feature! I just wish it could cook the meal for me too. Maybe soon ; )

So help a sister out – what are your favorite apps for the iPad??