Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The new hot social networking site right now is Pinterest. I’ve mentioned this site here before, but I thought since most of you have found my little secret by now, for those of you that haven’t, I’ll tell you why you need to get on here fast.

What is Pinterest?
·         Let’s pretend that I have a corkboard or pinboard in my office. I fill it with photos of recipes, fashion, party ideas, etc.
·         Now imagine that you can take things from my pinboard and put them on your own pin board.
·         Okay, not take that concept and put it all online.

That’s basically Pinterest.

You create an account, create some boards and then start pinning. You can pin your own photos, pin photos from the web (be sure you provide a link to them) or repin other people’s pins.

This site is devilishly addicting to visual people like me.

Why You Need to Be Here:
·         This site has become my go to for blog pictures, ideas, recipes and party ideas. You can search the top box for ideas and add them to your own board so that you can come back to them.
·         Also, this has become the go to for a lot of my friends that are wedding planning.
·         This is the hot buzz brand marketing word / site right now, so expect to see a lot of your favorite brands popping up soon!

How Do You Get Here:
·         Email me or leave your email address in the comments and I’ll invite ya! I think the site is still running on an invite only method. I didn’t have any friends on here when I joined, so I had to sign in via Twitter and then wait a few days and some magic Pinterest gods approved me. Thanks Pinterest gods!