Trendspotting 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

It’s part in my nature and part of my job, but I really love trendspotting. All of these massive lists come out and list what will be fashion, food, etc. trends for the year.

I was doing some thinking about trends and here’s what I’m seeing:
·         S’mores. This gooey treat is still hot. You will see s’mores stations at more parties and s’mores as favors at more weddings. Also on the rise – Nutella. Oh and I have a super fun S’mores
·         PinCrafts: People turning online pinning via Pinterest into real world crafts and cooking will explode.
·         School. More people are going back to school. It doesn’t matter the age or if the person has a degree, people are sick of their careers and want a big change.
·         Moonshine is “in.” FINALLY something hip that Appalachia has been doing for years! I’ll never forget my first time with moonshine. Unmarked bottle from an old man inside Mountaineer Field. I wouldn’t have had it any other way (Lynn Lai made me do it, mom).
·         Oreos. Did you know that Oreo is the number one cookie in the world? I found that crazy! Anyways, I see people using more and more Oreo cookies in recipes. Same with Rice Krispies.
·         Marryoke. Yep. First it was the bridal party dance, then it was the surprise flash mob. Now, according to the Washington Post, it’s Marryoke. The wedding videographer captures people signing the same song all night and mashes the video together. A lip dub if you will. I’m waiting for the trend of weddings to stop becoming a performance to end ; )
·         Food Trucks. Still popular.  
·         Sandwich Shops. We will continue to see gourmet chefs open up classy sandwich shops (a la Grahamwich Chicago)
·         Batuka is some form of exercise that is going to be the new Zumba.