Easily Obsessed

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

• Sometimes Brady asks if I’m really a little girl. The answer? Yes. Among the childish things I love are those Silly Bandz the youngin’s are wearing. I have some pretty sweet West Virginia ones, but how freaking cute are these ones from Marc Jacobs?!

Let me start off my second obsession with an alert – just because I found this adorable baby outfit doesn’t mean that I want one. Yes, we've been getting that question from multiple mouths. Don’t hold your breath on the arrival of little Smith because you may go blue in the face – it’s gonna be awhile. Now, on to the cuteness! Aren’t these onesies from Etsy absolutely adorable!? The “Little Man” wedding kit is the PERFECT solution if you have a teeny tiny ring bearer at a wedding or getting your kid all fancy for a party.

• Let’s “face” it, silhouettes are having a big year (lol…I crack myself up). I love the cute designers from Le Papier Studio. A Chicago company (we miss you), Le Papier makes custom prints for affordable prices!

• I’ve gushed here about the group Improv Everywhere here before, and their latest stunt is just as amazeballs as the rest. Check out the bell ringer hijacking!

Blogger said...

that is not improv Olympic. The group's name is Improv Everywhere.

Shot of Brandi* said...

Thanks for the proof! I've corrected the post!