Things Are Getting Weird

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In fifth grade, I was voted "most unique dresser." I'd like to think I still have a unique style. Love it or hate it, it's unique.

That's what today's gifts are all about. They are unique. Some may hate them, some may love them and some may say WTF, but it's all in good fun. And who cares what people think anyways, right?

Giddy up!

· For a cold-weather person, how fun are these predator vs. prey mittens? Chris Hansen should come out with a version of these based on his Dateline show lol ; )

· Reader Lindsay alerted me about the Falling Whistle. All the proceeds of this cute necklace go to a good cause. Cute and charitable? Yes, please!

· Those fancy craft beers that are popular often require a bottle opener. My recommendation is this fancy bottle opener from Anthro. Pair it with some of that super awesome beer!

· I have a hairball and I LOVE it. Nope – I’m not a cat (but I would love to be – eat and sleep all day – sign me up). These balls feature a number of hair bands wrapped into a ball. I got one of these at an event and it’s awesome. I need to remember to throw it into my gym bag.

· I’m not sure how your friend or family member would feel about this, but hey…it’s unique! Printing Facebook takes all of your friends’ profile pictures and makes a nifty little poster with all of their mugs.
· As my hubs, I need to be warm, cozy and comfortable at all times – with an emphasis on bedtime. If I am not, I get cranky. If you know someone like me, whom you probably don’t because let’s face it – I am one strange gal – then they may love the idea of a pajama warmer as much as I do! Ignore the website – it’s a bit infomercial creepy.

· Since “Of the Month Clubs” are so hot right now, go with a Brandi* fav – Dylan’s Candy Bar’s Candy of the Month Club.