"Pretty Girl" - Psycho Mom in Black Swan

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I interrupt this holiday cheer for a fashion-related post.

Last Friday, I was able to finally see Black Swan – the ballet psycho thriller starring Natalie Portman. While leaving the theater, I felt a little disturbed on a variety of levels, I must say I was memorized by the fashions wore throughout the movie.

The costumes were created by sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy - the ever so chic duo behind the label Rodarte – which I sadly learned all about from Tavi, the 12-year-old fashion blogger. The sisters totally nailed the pure white swan and dark, goth black swan costumes with glam glitter and perfect pizzazz.

For the last year or so, ballet-inspired looks have been hitting the runway and stores and with the success of this movie, I think this trend is one that will carry into 2011. They key to this: balance. Don't incorpate the bun, ballet flats and poofy skirt together!
Let’s take a look at some ballerina-esque fashions that you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

· Tutu Dresses: Puffy, full bottomed dresses can be done in a classy, yet playful way. Like the above for former Project Runway-er Kara Janx. It totally has a tulle skirt, but it lays flat and the corset top is super cute. The second dress, from Lotusgrace, is a more refined look, but the full skirt gives is that ballerina fee;.

· Full Skirts: Puffy skirts have been around for awhile now, but look for skirts to take on more volume. How cute is the one above from Nina Ricci!?

· The Bun: Another runway staple – the sleek bun is making a comeback. This trend started during the spring 2009 shows back in 2008, but it’s still gaining momentum. Nicole Richie styled her hair in a full bun at her recently nuptials. And while I’m not really a fan (I know what you are thinking – are you girl!?), but SJP has some fab buns.

· Legwarmers: This trend has been dipping in and out for awhile, but I’m not sure if I love it. I get the function, but not overly excited by the look. The pair above is an overpriced set from Neiman Marcus. Maybe if NM’s buyer selected them, they are okay?

· The Shoes: YSL has elevated the ballet with its new “Love Ballerinas” line. Available in a variety of colors, the shoe has a square toe that resembles a true ballerinas pointe shoes.

· Baby Tutus: I beginning to believe that baby girls come out of the womb in a tutu. According to Facebook and the mom blogs it seems like tulle tutus are a baby must.

Oh and I expect a ballerina to be a hot Halloween look in 2011!