Glitter in the Air

Friday, December 10, 2010

Style expert Bobbie Thomas even said it on The Today Show this morning – sequins and sparkle are in! I love this trend because it brings out two things in me - the inner 95-year-old bingo player in me that is wearing a sequin holiday vest and the girl that is way beyond obsessed with glitter. Glitter was a banned substance in my house growing up because I used to get it everwhere (think walls, hardwood floor cracks, carpet, hair, etc.). Some things never change - Your holiday cards are coming soon ; )

Sequins and glitter have been spread all over clothes and accessories for over the last year now. Like all trends, this one comes and goes, so I’m happy that I’ve held on to my “vintage” Limited black sequin skirt from circa 2000. What’s old is new, right!

I thought I would give you a sparkly, glitterly post this Friday. A number of pieces can be worn during the work day and then transform for that after hours holiday party. Oh and in honor of today’s post, I am wearing a sequin cardigan!

Oh and please note: I know these prices are a very high, but if you Montour girls remember from prom, sequins are expensive! There are a lot of other great options out there at retailers that don’t have websites and some junior stores, but I am currently boycotting a few of them. You will see my upcoming angry post about that subject at a later date.