In Da Club

Monday, December 06, 2010

It all started back in about third grade. I joined The Babysitters Club. No, I wasn’t in with Dawn and Stacey, but I got three books from the series delivered to my house each month. Every once in a while there were some other goodies like stickers, bookmarks – you know, stuff any pre-teen girl would love.

Well now that I’m approaching 30, there are some new clubs out there that are piquing my interest.

Shoes: What gal doesn’t love shoes? Well for a pretty price, Net-a-Porter has a shoe of the month club. There is a cheaper alternative out there, but it’s being hocked by Kim K-dash. Her over-exposure for doing just about nothing annoys me, so I won’t mention it, but you can Google it!

Makeup: If you are in a makeup rut, Birchbox is for you! Each month you get some new makeup samples. I must say, I’m a firm believer in those little samples. I’ve found some of my favorite mascara’s and eye shadows after a little trial package.

Jewelry: While I’m not in love with some of the options on the site, there Jewlmint from Kate Bostworth and stylist Cher Coulter. Each month, you’ll get a new piece of jewelry.

Cashmere: Last year, J. Crew offered a jewelry of the month club for a holiday, but this year it’s all about the Italian Cashmere.

While the clubs above are a bit fashion, some of my other favorites include:

• Chocolate of the Month from Chicago-based Vosges Chocolate