Memories light the corner of my mind...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I know these gift posts are getting all exciting and stuff, but no worries. Unlike Hugh Jackman on today's Oprah, no one has been injuried during the enterence to this post.
Today, I am covering memorable gifts.

· When I think of memorable, I do tend to think about trips or events. I know those aren’t always in the budget, so why not something related to that past trip. Like, if you went to visit a really great city…like say, Chicago and you wanted to remember it. What about a bracelet!?
· Take direction from the Jason Sacks playbook and go on a vacation. What’s more memorable than a family trip!?

· More and more of my friends are joining me in the blogging community. Do you have a blogger in your life? Then consider a Blog 2 Book. You don’t need to be tech savvy to create this – just enter in your blog URL, hit a few buttons, make a date range and..Whooola. Blog to a book!

· Looking for a way to always keep a loved one near? How about a locket with a photo of that person. I like the varieties on Planet Jill, but for some more unique finds, check out Etsy.

· As a build to this idea, commemorate a date with this super fun calendar necklace from Dalla Nonna Jewlery.

· The guys in my life really don’t wear suits often, but if that special someone you know does, what about a pair of cufflinks that bring back memories. I like the variety from Rotenier. I’d give Brady the Spider Monkey and Banana cufflink to remind him if he pisses me off that I am going to come at him like a Spider Monkey. The example above includes a bottle cap and opener (did you meet over some beers!?) and the Chicago Water Tower and a slice of pizza. Such a cute conversation starter!

Another memorable stocking stuffer is a yearly ornament. One blog I read recommends buying ornaments that relate back to a story from that year. Then attaching a tag to that ornament with the story and then placing it on the tree. Each year, when you put up the ornaments, you can read the stories and reminisce!