Shot of Christmas

Friday, December 31, 2010

While Brady and I received a plethora of wonderful, creative, thoughtful and amazing holiday gifts, I felt that one was very blog worthy.

As I mentioned earlier, my best gal pals and I had a holiday gift exchange. This year's theme? A gift that begins with the first letter of that person's name.

Devoted reader Lindsay was my Secret Santa and her gift was Blog-reated....

A Shot Of Brandi Christmas!
Above you will see a selection from the gift - which was in an eco-friendly bag. Clockwise from the top: The girliest and most perfect apron, a vintage Mountaineers pennant, gumball machine, illustrations from Kristina Hulkrantz - which will be PERFECT in my color-coordinated cube and vintage Barbie note cards (that match my new calendar from the MIL).

I just have the best, most creative friends! People always ask me where I get all of my ideas - I surround myself with awesome people!

Thank you all for being faithful readers over the years! I love hearing tips and tricks that you've found from my blog and I love the death threats I get for not updating it!

In the words of reader Brian, "Here's to hoping that Shot of Brandi* makes it mainstream in 2011!" I actually don't want this to happen, but I thought it was cute : )

Happy New Year!!