Use Me

Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to day one of the Shot of Brandi holiday gift guide. Today's feature is useful gifts!

· I don’t want to start out with a pricey gift right out of the gate, but trust me when I say this – a good scarf is worth the investment. I look at the pieces of clothes that got me through Chicago winters and a sturdy scarf was one of them! I love Burberry scarves because this look is a good for a girl or a guy – kinda like CK One was in middle school.

· According to the runway reports, cat eye sunglasses are going to be huge in 2011, so get ahead of the trend and get your gal some new sunnies. Prada started the movement back to cat eye glasses, so I’ve gotta give them credit here.

· Hunter Wellies are the new Uggs. Do they look cute? Not really. Are they functional? Yes!

· I love a new cookbook. Two that caught my eye over the last year include. The Art of Simple Food and American Fashion Cookbook. The first focuses on fresh, local cooking, while the second proves that people in the fashion world eat!

· Another thing that I feel like one can never have too many of – blankets. While this would need to pass my officially “feel” test, these blue and gold blankets look awful cozy.

· Right now, I can’t have enough reusable totes. I use them for everything – groceries, food/beverage for visiting friends, gym clothes – you name it. You no longer need to tote around a plastic Wal-mart bag!

Some other useful ideas?· Lottery tickets
· Calendars
· Magazine subscriptions· GPS
· Food
· Alcohol