I Put A Lot of Thought Into It

Thursday, December 16, 2010

To me, the meaning of a thoughtful gift is something that goes the extra mile. Something that is special to the person receiving it. The gift may involve a special memory or moment that you share with the giftee or even something that you make yourself.

This category requires some history thinking. Here’s some ideas to get your brain moving.

• Is there a special food from afar that the recipient lusts? Say DP Dough from Morgantown, Chicago Pizza or a White House Sub? Surprise them with their favorite dish!

• Speaking of far off places, I hate to bring it up again, but a trip is an amazing idea! It could be a short car ride to a resort that brings back memories or that trip of a lifetime to another country! Or Disneyland anyone??

• Trips can be expensive, so a framed photo from a special place is also a good idea!

• Reader Trish gave me a good idea inspired by her Christmas list. Like me, Trish never had her college diploma framed. So that’s on her list this year!

• If the person on your list does something on a regular basis, pick up the tab! For instance, buy a gift card for their next salon or manicure visit.

• Turning pictures into digital files or scrapbooks is always a nice gift.

• I LOVE the idea of buying a credit for a class, like cooking or a foreign language! Or, you may want to consider a blogging class!